Testing and model validation platform for any ML problem.

Customizable for any workflow, data types, evaluation logic, metrics, plots, and reports.

We support your AI workflow.

Kolena is fully customizable to any workflow. We’ve included some common examples, but the list is far from exhaustive. Our solution engineering team will work with you to customize Kolena for your workflows and your business metrics.

Explore high-resolution test results.

  • Test against your specific product objectives.
  • Deploy the right models and the right thresholds for the task.
Kolena dashboard showing high resolution ML model test results with optimization thresholds and learning improvements
Screenshot of Kolena Computer Vision Studio

Create and curate laser-focused tests.

  • Use our Test Case Studio™ to slice through your data and assemble test cases in minutes.
  • Cultivate quality tests by removing noise and improving annotations without disruption.

Computer Vision

  • Object Detection (2D, 3D, Bird's-Eye-View)
  • Instance & Semantic Segmentation
  • Facial Recognition
  • Depth Estimation
  • Binary & Multi-Class Classification
  • ...and More!
Screenshot of Kolena results page for an NLP workflow

Natural Language Processing

  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Question Answering
  • Translation
  • Summarization
  • Conversational
  • Text Generation
  • Sentence Similarity
  • ...and More!

Automatically surface failure modes and regressions.

  • Capture regressions and pinpoint exact issues to address.
  • Extract commonalities among failures to learn model weaknesses.
Integrate seamlessly

Integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

  • Hook into existing data pipelines and CI systems with the kolena-client Python client.
  • Keep your data and models in your control at all times.


  • Text-to-Speech
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Audio-to-Audio
  • Audio Classification
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • ...and More!


  • Text-to-Image
  • Image-to-Text
  • Video Search
  • Document Question Answering
  • ...and More!

Don’t see your workflow listed above?

Talk to us today and we’ll show you how Kolena can be customized to fit your problem!