Computer Vision

Best in class tooling built cohesively into a robust Model Quality Platform to provide a standardized and transparent process to build high quality perception systems.

Model Quality Framework

Kolena developed an end-to-end model quality framework to empower computer vision and perception teams to systematically test and validate their models and chase the long tail of edge cases.

How it Works

Enrich and explore your vision data. Rigorously evaluate model performance on any task. Build team alignment and trust with Kolena's automated quality processes for your stage, regardless if you're going from 0 to 1 or 1 to 100.
01Out of the box data mining & visualizations
For all your vision data and model predictions. AI-powered tools to effectively mine, slice, curate, search through large scale of unstructured and unlabeled data. Fully customizable views for sensor fusion and multimodal applications to boost the team's productivity.
02Metadata Enrichment & Insights
Automated, domain-specific metadata enrichment to provide instant understanding of your data distribution, biases, and blind spots. Fully configurable metadata extraction engine to custom fit your specific use cases.
03Data Exploration & Understanding
Out of the box data distribution visualization, bias detection, uncover blind spots, and identify wrong labels to build high fidelity training & benchmarking datasets.
04Standardized Quality Rubric
Build a standard quality rubric for your AI products, composed of; test coverage cases and validation metrics to build team alignment and trust.
05Model Comparison with Deep Unit Testing
Test and compare models at the scenario level to understand and track model granular improvements and regressions.
Built for data scientists and product managers
Python SDK and UI feature parity to empower leaders to influence the product at every stage. Automated insights on data and model quality to guide teams to know where to look, even with limited AI/ML experience.
Data versioning
Robust data versioning system to ensure data integrity and accuracy.
Your data never leaves your network
Kolena is SOC2 certified and HIPAA certified for healthcare use cases. Your data never leaves your network. Kolena only stores unique identifiers to manage and visualize your data in addition to raw model inferences to compute metrics and analyze model results. On-prem deployment option is available.

Comparing models made efficient, repeatable and inexpensive

  • Faster go to market
    Save up to 50% of experimentation time
  • Model Debugging
    Discover failure root cause in minutes not weeks
  • Model Robustness
    Up to 30% gains on model performance

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