Quality Platform for Trustworthy AI

A reliable AI system has quality built in: from data, to engineering, to testing, to deployment. Kolena ensures that your system is resilient to known pitfalls, and adaptive to changes.

All Data Modalities and All ML Tasks

Fully configurable to fit your data, your models, your metrics, whether you're testing LLMs, model pipelines, or ensembles.

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Customizable for any workflow, data type, evaluation logic, metrics, plots, and reports.
Computer Vision
Kolena supports a wide range of CV data types and use cases (e.g., point cloud, segmentation), providing rich out-of-the-box data exploration, and sophisticated data mining, resulting in faster and deeper model debugging.
Kolena’s speech/audio testing and validation capabilities include full-featured support for audio waveforms, with time-based annotation types. It supports a wide variety of use cases, including Text-to-Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, Audio-to-Audio, Audio Classification, and Voice Activity Detection.
Language Models
With Kolena, you can analyze NLP and LLM-specific metrics - such as PII leaks and hallucination scores - automate data extraction, compare datasets, perform semantic and keyword searches, and investigate embeddings-based datasets.
Kolena enables evaluating a wide variety of GenAI use cases, including LLM (text), Text-to-Speech, image generation, and multi-modality with any combination of text/image/audio/video input or output.

Comparing models made efficient, repeatable and inexpensive

  • Faster go to market
    Save up to 50% of experimentation time
  • Model Debugging
    Discover failure root cause in minutes not weeks
  • Model Robustness
    Up to 30% gains on model performance
  • Model Operations
    Instantly answer questions around model behavior
  • Testing & Development
    Automate testing and deployment workflows