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April 3, 2023

Kolena Partners with AI Accelerator Institute for the 2023 AI Accelerator and Computer Vision Summits

Kolena is teaming up with AI Accelerator Institute for their upcoming AI Accelerator Summit & Computer Vision Summit in San Jose on April 26-27, 2023.
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AI Accelerator Summit & Computer Vision Summit San Jose Press Release

We are excited to announce Kolena's team up with AI Accelerator Institute for their upcoming AI Accelerator Summit & Computer Vision Summit in San Jose on April 26-27, 2023. 

AI Accelerator Institute’s mission is to help develop the next generation of machine intelligence specifically focusing on accelerating AI at the edge. For new and groundbreaking start-ups, they want to inspire and inform your journey, and for those giants in the space, they want to provide the tools you need to innovate and continue to propel your growth.

The purpose of their summits are to ensure attendees leave the event with an understanding of new areas of cutting-edge innovation, having made connections with industry leaders that can support their systems, new ways of applying technologies to help drive business value and a sense of community. 

Here are some testimonial from previous summits:

“I really enjoyed this event because this brings together all the industrial leaders and different applications of computer vision back into this forum. It’s very informative and I learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to next year.”  - Xiang Ma, Head of AI/ML R&D Technology Innovation, Amazon 

“It’s been very good. It’s been really relaxed. People have been very honest, talked about some of the challenges that we face in the industry. We talked about some new ideas about how we’re going to solve some of those problems. It’s been a very clear focus on some particular outcomes, which is great.” - Stefan Britton, Senior Director, Innovative Solutions & Strategic Partnerships, Shutterstock 

With the summits focusing on leadership strategy, infrastructure on a global scale, cutting-edge application & engineering challenges, both events are not to be missed and you can join either event in with a Platinum Pass and access both tracks - AI Accelerator Summit and Computer Vision Summit - plus both sets of recordings OnDemand.

Learn more about AI Accelerator Summit & Computer Vision Summit and use code SanJose20 at checkout. 

About Kolena

Kolena is the MLOps platform for robust, end-to-end ML model testing. Built for computer vision, natural language processing, multi-modal, and LLMs. Ship better models, faster, with Kolena.

About AIAI

AIAI began its journey over 10 years ago with a vision of building an independent knowledge-sharing platform for AI experts and machine scientists from around the world.
Fast-forward to today and over 400,000 members later, their network has grown substantially and is only increasing every single day - the global AI ecosystem is already on board, now it’s your turn.


Kolena | press@kolena.io
Tim Mitchell | tim@pmmalliance.com

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