The Quality Platform for Reliable AI

Trustworthy AI has quality built into every layer: data, testing, and deployment. End-to-end testing on Kolena ensures that your system is resilient and adaptive to real-world changes.

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Data Quality

Curate High-Quality Datasets
Enrich your datasets with automatically extracted embeddings and metadata to make sense of millions of data points. Curate datasets and create new test cases from subsets of your testing data within minutes.

Model Quality

Standardized Test Coverage
Compare and analyze results to automatically surface model insights and areas of improvement. Kolena's smart insights shine a light on weaknesses in your model, and make it easy to build and maintain an evaluation system that will track detailed performance for every model iteration.

End-to-End Testing

Test your product, not just your models
Use automated metrics, human metrics, and model-assisted metrics to extend beyond accuracy and get a complete picture of performance.

Customizable Solution

Supports all your ML problems
Fully-configurable, Kolena works with any workflow, including computer vision, NLP, LLMs, speech, tabular, and time-series data.
  • Computer Vision
  • Speech / Audio
  • Language Models
  • GenAI

Don’t just take our word for it

What AI Leaders Say About Kolena
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Comparing models made efficient, repeatable, and inexpensive

  • Faster go to market
    Save up to 50% of experimentation time
  • Model Debugging
    Discover failure root cause in minutes not weeks
  • Model Robustness
    Up to 30% gains on model performance
  • Model Operations
    Instantly answer questions around model behavior
  • Testing & Development
    Automate testing and deployment workflows
  • Datapoints Analyzed
    Make sense of your entire dataset