ML evaluation techniques are falling short.

Aggregate metrics don't tell the full story — unexpected model behavior in production is the norm.

Current testing processes are manual, error-prone, and unrepeatable. Models are evaluated on arbitrary statistical metrics that align imperfectly with product objectives.

Tracking model improvement over time as the data evolves is difficult and techniques sufficient in a research environment don't meet the demands of production.

There is a better way.

Our Solution

Ship high-quality models faster with a complete, end-to-end ML testing and debugging platform.

Explore high-resolution test results.

  • Test against your specific product objectives.
  • Deploy the right models and the right thresholds for the task.
Kolena dashboard showing high resolution ML model test results with optimization thresholds and learning improvements
Kolena’s Test Case Studio showing images of snowy streets

Create and curate laser-focused tests.

  • Use our Test Case Studio™ to slice through your data and assemble test cases in minutes.
  • Cultivate quality tests by removing noise and improving annotations without disruption.

Automatically surface failure modes and regressions.

  • Capture regressions and pinpoint exact issues to address.
  • Extract commonalities among failures to learn model weaknesses.
Capturing regressions, pinpointing exact issues to learn model weaknesses
Kolena client integrating seamlessly with workflows

Integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

  • Hook into existing data pipelines and CI systems with the kolena-client Python client.
  • Keep your data and models in your control at all times.

We help you meet everyone's needs, simultaneously.

Surface hidden behaviors and failure modes, iterate faster, and automate testing workflows to ship models with confidence.

ML Engineers

  •     Collaboratively test &
        validate models
  •     Identify model failure
  •     Track improvements &     regressions

Sales & Customers

  •     Communicate model     performance intuitively
  •     Answer behavioral
        questions in seconds
  •     Ensure models are


  •     Rigorously specify
        desired model behaviors
  •     Explore detailed results
        & debug models without
        writing code
  •     Increase visibility into     
        underlying data


  •     High resolution visibility
        on product capability
  •     Develop trust in your
        ML products
  •     Model governance &
        regulatory reports
Kolena meeting the needs of ML Engineers, Sales, Product, and Leadership

ML Engineers

  • Collaboratively test & validate models
  • Identify model failure modes
  • Track improvements & regressions


  • Rigorously specify desired model behaviors
  • Explore detailed results & debug models without writing code
  • Increase visibility into underlying data

Sales & Customers

  • Communicate model performance intuitively
  • Answer behavioral questions in seconds
  • Ensure models are bias-free


  • High resolution visibility on product capability
  • Develop trust in your ML products
  • Model governance & regulatory reports

Stress test your ML models and ship with confidence.

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Our rigorous and systematic solution makes testing and comparing models efficient, repeatable, and inexpensive.


We’ve been in your shoes.

Founded by machine learning engineers and executives, our team at Kolena has first-hand experience with the challenges you're facing. And we know there's a better way.

We’ve built AI products and infrastructure at companies like Amazon, Rakuten, and Palantir—and we’re passionate about putting the same powerful solutions in your hands.

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Mohamed Elgendy
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Andrew Shi
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Gordon Hart
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Staff ML Researcher
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Phoebe Van Buren
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Pam Ennis
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Mark Chen
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Joe Allen
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